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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Majorda beach, Goa - A must visit place

Majorda is a beach village located in south Goa. Majorda beach is known for its pristine blue waters, white sandy beach, pleasant and not very crowded beach suitable for sun bathing and spending some nice time with nature.

What you can do in Majorda?
1. Best place for calm sun bath
2. Swimming
3. Water scooter
4. Beach volleyball
5. Drinks and food with friends. Try some goan food.
6. Photography

Regarding the stay?
Majorda has quite a few beach resorts and majorda beach resort located along shore is often a preferred place for foreigners. I stayed in a serviced apartment called tree house blue located about 2 kms from majorda beach.

Regarding tree house blue:
The 1 BHK apartment i stayed in was a nice pleasant air conditioned apartments with all the amenities filled in like modular kitchen, furnitures, refrigirator, bed, retro bathroom, electronic safe, swimming pool, microwave, stove etc. The staff were friendly and the service was good.
There are lot of indoor games like table tennis, carrom etc and you can spend some time with your family / friends.
There is a grocery store in tree house blue and you can buy the necessary items there itself.
Cycle is free to use here. The bikes & cars can be rented for self drive. The bike hiring costed about 300 INR and the CAR about 1000 rupees excluding petrol. Petrol is cheap in goa (cheaper by 20 INR / litre) and you can drive around the small city in these vehicles quite comfortably. There is one MR pareira near tree house blue who can rent you vehicles and also arrange for petrol.

Regarding the food:
There are lots of nice restuarants and I liked pentagon very much. There were lot of foreigners frequenting this place and the food was definitely very good. I felt the food was little expensive though.
I desperately tried out Goan food and the chicken vandaloo i tried was the lone not so good food through out the trip. The vandaloo gravy was little awkwardly spicy, tangy and felt some itch in tongue too after eating
The cheaper and a nice way i found out is that to pick the cycle and buy groceries from a bigger grocery store about 2 KMS from tree house blue. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Trip to colva beach, Goa

Colva is a beautiful beach village in South goa and its beach stretches for about 2.5 KMs. Colva is known its white sandy beaches, spa and for its water sports activities. Tourism is well developed in Colva and there are lots of restaurants, handicrafts shops, bars and other shops. The beach is crowded during the evenings and if you are a person who loves action, this is the place to be in.

I stayed in majorda during the goa trip and it was about 7 kms from colva beach. I rented a scooter and drove down via the paddy fields with my family to colva beach. Evenings are cool and the drive was very pleasant.

Some of the highlights of the trip to colva:

1. Ayurvedic massages and spa are available in reasonable rates. 
2. I tried out evening snacks in vegetarian restaurant (udupi) and it was good. Rates were cheap. Filter coffee though was lacking flavour completely.
3. Water sports was very enjoyable but felt was a tad costlier for the time you get to spend on the sport actually.
4. Paragliding is available in two flavors - one which takes you from beach and the one in which you go some distance into sea and take off in parachute from there. Both of them cost about 700 bucks per person. Obviously, I chose for the later. Once they take you into the sea in a connecting boat, they normally ask you for 300 more per person to get some more thrills like dipping in sea and a few more minutes in the sky. The ride lasted for about 15-20 mins totally and the paragliding was for 5 mins. The first few moments were tense given that it was my first time but then it was such a pleasant experience flying and to be with the birds and seeing only sea around you.
5. Water scooter charged about 500 rupees and the drive in a jumpy sea was amazing.