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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Things Jesus never said!


1. Please forward this to 10 people. Other wise bad luck follows you.
2. You are a sinner and I shall punish you for your sins.
3. God created AIDS to target gay people and hetrosexuals.
4. I am the solution for every problem in your life.
5. Empty wine bottle makes sound
6. Where are you god?
7. Spread your opinions and kill innocent people in my name.
8. Please follow religion like idiots.
9. Dont create stories about me and mary magdelene.
10. Crusade in my name and further your political ambitions using me or my church's name.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

HD deve gowda, Thambidurai made every one sleep

Over the past few months, we have been hearing some great public speeches. During the land bill discussion today though it was kind of very boring to hear and see HD Deve gowda giving speech against land aquisition.

What was the outcome? The only understanding is that he is against this land aquisition bill . Though he tried to make lot of other points, many in the audience we sleeping and nothing was received. When the time limit is 5 mins, its strange that he kept on talking for more than 15 - 20 minutes.

There was a honourable member who was sleeping out of control in tv. Thambidurai, the honourable speaker, kept on allowing as againt his own stricter stance previously and was helpless.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pdp bjp unhappy marriage?

Jammu and kashmir have fractured mandate and pdp got most seats followed by bjp. People's mandate is clear and is that both the regions have burning issues and as charm leaders you work out details together and deliver on all the promises.  After a lot of time,  bjp and pdp did announce a alliance based on common minimum program which seems to be candidate for break up any time from day number 1. How frequently in the history have such things happened (I mean the marriage between incompatible partners if I could use this term).

Pdp won in Muslim majority areas while bjp won in Hindu majority areas. Bjp is Hindutva party while pdp has no common ground with Hindutva.  Bjp wanted article 370 while pdp opposed.  Encouraging separatist leaders will be an embarrassment for government. And the list just goes on.

Now more than anything else what do we as an Indian want?  I would want Jammu and kashmir to be integral part of India and without any political interference from outsiders.  Pakistan has been interfering in loves of people here by ill guided means for their benefit.  Some of people on the state hurt by unpleasant experiences want freedom and are either marching alone or have been taking the help of Pakistan so as to become independent. Swaraj within indian constitutional framework is the desired outcome politically.  Can more or less of this be achieved and if so how to achieve it?  How do we mend the broken hearts and bring in peace?  If better economic situation is a solution shouldn't we do it with twice the speed? Which political setup is going to bring down the solution in right direction and is the current alliance in that direction?

Glorious India in icc world cup 2015

All of a sudden India has become a favourite for winning title this year.  Honestly its kind of very strange how favorites are being written every day and how emotional the common man is. Now,  beyond the emotions and short term memory,  we have known indoors for a while and we need to be realistic about its chances. 
Positives and dependable :
1. Virat kohli and his consistency.
2. Dhoni and track record in big tournaments.
3. Lot of match winners who can win matches on their day.
Negatives / risks:
1. Most batsmen running hot and cold. An uniformity in dominance is missing and this possess a question if the demons in the mind of players are really slayed. Not getting the feeling of invincibility which we normally relate with clear champions.
2. Are we really used toWest Indies did pose some uncomfortable questions with short ball.
3. Opening partnership and lower middle order not in runs
4. Though effective in least 4 games,  there is lack of confidence in bowling. This doesn't mean though that world cup cannot be win.
Real test for India would be Australia.  You could also add New Zealand in their home conditions.  Are we good enough to beat them is the question.
Opportunities :
1. Shikar dhawan amongst runs.
2. Bowling form.
Priorities to be tackled :
1. rohit out of runs.
2. Jadeja isn't playing well from batting perspective.  Either this has to be addressed / opportunity should be given for some one else say binny.  This is risky though because spin has been in India 's strength.
Being an Indian,  I would like India to win and it seems pretty much possible that India wins.  Let's hope that risks will be mitigated and opportunities will be capitalised upon though.

couple of things srilanka could have done differently versus Australia today

  1. Australia had decent set of bowlers bowling when sangakara and mahela were bowling.  They were missing up the deliveries nicely and varying the pace.  More importantly they were bowling to fields and wanted the batsmen to take risks in uncovered areas in the field.  Did srilanka pose nice questions?  There were not many.  Australians weren't challenged much.
  2. Required run rate was 10 however the current kept falling to 6 from previous heights.  From the time Dilshan got out to the time sangakara was caught,  the run rate kept falling down. Being steady is important but more important while chasing big totals is to score at rate relevant for target and not allow the pressure to creep in.  Anchors at two ends is not required.  Chandimal or angel could have been promoted early at one end.
  3. Srilanka bowling was clueless when maxwell started toting With it.  Looking back they didn't have many bowling options honestly. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

How einstein derived at equation E=mc^2?

Today i was watching the movie - kungfu panda. There is a scene where the teacher tells panda that this is the birth place of the art of harmony and focus - which definitely was a catch phrase. Harmony and focus - is definitely a way of looking at spirituality. Kungfu is a way to achieve that state of mind. What are the other tools which help you achieve this pleasant state of mind? What are the other ways of attaining spirituality? Before that, what is spirituality?

The meaning of spirituality seems to have changed over time and has differed from one age to another. Before some time, it has meant search for god. When the science was taking control, it has taken a mild turn towards search for nature of god. Some of the leading scientists have been spitirual. Even Einstein 'discovered' his most famous E=mc^2 in his way towards 'self discovery' - in his search to understand how god has made this world. In the recent times, its taken a definite phycological turn in the meaning as well.

Spirituality is reforamation which aims to recover the image of god /godliness
What are the reforms which happen? It underscores commitment. When to realize if the image of the god is complete?

Some religions says the spirituality starts with becoming conscious of forces around and within shaping the life. Its all about living in 'now'.
Conscious just perhaps teaches patience and concentration. This along with being healthy - does that mean spirituality is achieved? What changes after this state is achieved? Is this the only purpose in life or is there any other purpose? To sustain this state is by itself a challenge. How to naturally evolve after this?

Some say the spirituality is about finding purpose and meaning in life. Whats my purpose in life? How does this relate to decrypting godliness?

Answer probably is a collection of all of these and probably a lot more which is difficult to put down on paper as well. However the spirituality is all about continuous reformation, consciousness of present, balance, harmony, unification of mind and body, discovery and purpose.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Sri suktham - meaning!

O Jataveda (Agni, the Fire God)! Bring unto me Lakshmi who resembles a doe of golden colour, who is adorned with garlands of silver and gold, delightful like the moon and abounding in riches.
O Jataveda! Bring unto me that Lakshmi who will not desert me so that I may obtain the gold, cows, horses and followers bestowed by her.
I invoke that Goddess of Prosperity who comes with horses in the front and chariots in the middle and whose coming is announced by the trumpeting of elephants. May that Goddess of Prosperity come and bless me.
I invoke that Goddess of Prosperity whose nature is bliss, who wears a gentle smile, who is surrounded by gold on all sides, who is extremely benignant, lustrous and always contented. She makes those who worship her contented and is of the colour of a lotus and seated on a lotus.
I seek refuge at the feet of the Goddess of Prosperity who is bright as the moon, whose fame blazes like a fire in the world, who is adorned by the Devas and who is extremely generous. May my poverty disappear. I invoke thee again.
O Goddess who art bright as the sun! That noble tree of Thine known as bilva came in to existence as a result of thy austeries. (tapas). May its fruits destroy my impurities of mind and outer features of poverty with Thy grace.
May the friend of the Devas, (Kubera, the Lord of Wealth, who is a friend of Mahadeva or Siva) come to me with fame and wealth. May he grant me who am living in this kingdom, fame and riches.
I shall by They grace destroy that distressing poverty, the first born in the form of hunger and thirst, (i.e., which prevents the advent of prosperity). Dispel from my house every form of want and insufficiency.
I invoke that Goddess of Prosperity, the controller of all beings, who is known by her fragrance, who is invincible, who is always full of wealth and fertility.
O Goddess of Prosperity! May we obtain the desires of our heart, our longings for food and milk products, and may we utter only truthful words. Let us attain glory.
O Kardama! Make her who was born to Kardama (i.e. to you) abide with me. Make the Goddess of Prosperity who is the mother of the universe and wears garlands of lotuses, dwell in our family.
Let the waters produce oily products (like butter) in my house. O Chiklita, dwell in my house and make the Goddess of Prosperity, the Divine Mother, also dwell in my family.
O Jataveda! Bring to me the extremely benign Lakshmi who is reddish in complexion, who dwells in lakes and who possesses the Moon’s brilliance and gold in abundance.
O Jataveda! Bring to me the extremely benign Lakshmi of a golden complexion who dwells in lakes, who is the bestower of plenty, who wears a garland of gold, who is resplendent like the Sun and abounds in wealth.
O Jataveda! Bring to me that Lakshmi who will not forsake me and by whose grace I may obtain in plenty gold, cows, women servants, horses and men servants.
He who is desirous of becoming prosperous should, after making himself pure and controlling his senses, make daily offerings of melted butter in the fire. He should also repeat always the above stanzas of mantras.
O Thou whose face is like a lotus, whose thighs resemble the lotus, whose eyes are like a lotus and who is born of a lotus! Bless me, O Goddess with lotus-like eyes, so that I may attain happiness.
Thou who art extremely rich givest horses, givest cows, givest riches. May riches come to me O Goddess, who grantest all prayers.
O Mother of all beings, grant me sons, grandsons, wealth, grains, elephants, horses, goats, cows, chariots and long life.
We meditate upon Lakshmi, the supreme Goddess, the controller of all, brilliant as the sun and moon and fire.
By your grace may Agni grants us riches, may Vayu (the wind-god) grants us riches, may Surya (the sun god) grants us riches, may the Vasus grants us riches, may Indra and Brihaspati grants us riches, may Varuna (the water-god) grants us riches.
O Vainateya, drink the soma (rasa). Let the Destroyer of vritra (Indra) drink the soma. Let the other gods who drink soma grant me riches required for conducting the soma (sacrifice).
The devotees of the Goddess of Prosperity who have earned religious merit are not affected by anger, envy, avarice or other evil thoughts.
O Night covering the light, May the lightnings of the cloud in the Heaven pour down! Let all seeds grow! Protect!
O Goddess who art fond of lotus, who belongs to the highest order of women known as Padminis, who holds a lotus in Thy hand, who art seated on a lotus, who art loved by the whole world and who pleases the minds of all beings! Be pleased to place Thy lotus feed upon me (my head).
May that Lakshmi born of a lotus and seated on a lotus, with full hips, eyes like the petals of a lotus, deep and round navel, bent with the fullness of her breasts, wearing bright garments, bathed every day with water in golden and bejeweled pots by celestial elephants, with a lotus in her hand, ever dwell in my house with all auspicious qualities.
I worship Lakshmi, the daughter of the ocean of milk, the queen of Sriranga, whom all the celestial damsels serve, the sole seed and sprout of the world, whose slightest look has endowed Brahma, Indra and the God who wears Ganga (Siva) with the powers they now possess, the mother of the three worlds, she who was born of a lotus and is the consort of Mukunda (Vishnu).
May Laksmi the possessor of Siddhis or the supernatural powers, Lakshmi the bestower of liberation, Lakshmi who grants victory and is known as Saraswati, Lakshmi the Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi the granter of boons, be always gracious to me.
I worship the Goddess of the world who holds in her hands the noble ankusa (a weapon generally used to control and guide an elephant) and a rope called paasa, whose hand has the pose of protection against fear, who is seated on a lotus, who is lustrous like ten million rising suns and who is the primal being.
Obeisance to Thee, O Goddess Narayani, Tryambika, who art the abode of all auspicious qualities, who art auspiciousness itself, who fulfills all the desires of her devotees, who art the only refuge of every one.
We shall try to know the great Goddess. We shall meditate on the consort of Vishnu. May Lakshmi guide us!
May the Goddess of Prosperity grant me, her devotee, lustrous looks, longevity, good health, grains, wealth, cattle, many sons and a long life!