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Sunday, 1 June 2014

How einstein derived at equation E=mc^2?

Today i was watching the movie - kungfu panda. There is a scene where the teacher tells panda that this is the birth place of the art of harmony and focus - which definitely was a catch phrase. Harmony and focus - is definitely a way of looking at spirituality. Kungfu is a way to achieve that state of mind. What are the other tools which help you achieve this pleasant state of mind? What are the other ways of attaining spirituality? Before that, what is spirituality?

The meaning of spirituality seems to have changed over time and has differed from one age to another. Before some time, it has meant search for god. When the science was taking control, it has taken a mild turn towards search for nature of god. Some of the leading scientists have been spitirual. Even Einstein 'discovered' his most famous E=mc^2 in his way towards 'self discovery' - in his search to understand how god has made this world. In the recent times, its taken a definite phycological turn in the meaning as well.

Spirituality is reforamation which aims to recover the image of god /godliness
What are the reforms which happen? It underscores commitment. When to realize if the image of the god is complete?

Some religions says the spirituality starts with becoming conscious of forces around and within shaping the life. Its all about living in 'now'.
Conscious just perhaps teaches patience and concentration. This along with being healthy - does that mean spirituality is achieved? What changes after this state is achieved? Is this the only purpose in life or is there any other purpose? To sustain this state is by itself a challenge. How to naturally evolve after this?

Some say the spirituality is about finding purpose and meaning in life. Whats my purpose in life? How does this relate to decrypting godliness?

Answer probably is a collection of all of these and probably a lot more which is difficult to put down on paper as well. However the spirituality is all about continuous reformation, consciousness of present, balance, harmony, unification of mind and body, discovery and purpose.