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Thursday, 9 January 2014

ISKCON temple, Bangalore

ISKCON is one of the famous temples in karnataka and located in Bangalore. The temple is devoted to lord krishna and is located in Maha lakshmi layout near rajaji nagar. ISKCON means international society of krishna consciousness. Infact, when I was visiting other districts and some places in Bangalore, I saw Russians and Americans in dhoti distributing phamplets on ISKCON to pedestrians and selling bhagvat gita.
It truly made me wonder, when Russians and Americans are interested in Indian culture and are devoted to lord krishna, there is truly something special with India and the power of lord krishna.

Look at the beauty of the main shrine - that of lord krishna and radha - in ISKCON. Its such a beauty.

Come evening, ISKCON is a beauty with its lights.
While climbing up the stairs to shrine, please take the route of hare rama hare krishna entrance. Here you will have to recite the mantra while you make your way to the shrine. Its a new experience of spirituality and made a difference on me that day.

ISKCON has lot of food options and the food is low cost and of very good quality. I felt at sometimes at the level of commercialization in ISKCON but given the changing world and the international presence, I understand that such comforts will be required at some point.