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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Glorious India in icc world cup 2015

All of a sudden India has become a favourite for winning title this year.  Honestly its kind of very strange how favorites are being written every day and how emotional the common man is. Now,  beyond the emotions and short term memory,  we have known indoors for a while and we need to be realistic about its chances. 
Positives and dependable :
1. Virat kohli and his consistency.
2. Dhoni and track record in big tournaments.
3. Lot of match winners who can win matches on their day.
Negatives / risks:
1. Most batsmen running hot and cold. An uniformity in dominance is missing and this possess a question if the demons in the mind of players are really slayed. Not getting the feeling of invincibility which we normally relate with clear champions.
2. Are we really used toWest Indies did pose some uncomfortable questions with short ball.
3. Opening partnership and lower middle order not in runs
4. Though effective in least 4 games,  there is lack of confidence in bowling. This doesn't mean though that world cup cannot be win.
Real test for India would be Australia.  You could also add New Zealand in their home conditions.  Are we good enough to beat them is the question.
Opportunities :
1. Shikar dhawan amongst runs.
2. Bowling form.
Priorities to be tackled :
1. rohit out of runs.
2. Jadeja isn't playing well from batting perspective.  Either this has to be addressed / opportunity should be given for some one else say binny.  This is risky though because spin has been in India 's strength.
Being an Indian,  I would like India to win and it seems pretty much possible that India wins.  Let's hope that risks will be mitigated and opportunities will be capitalised upon though.