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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pdp bjp unhappy marriage?

Jammu and kashmir have fractured mandate and pdp got most seats followed by bjp. People's mandate is clear and is that both the regions have burning issues and as charm leaders you work out details together and deliver on all the promises.  After a lot of time,  bjp and pdp did announce a alliance based on common minimum program which seems to be candidate for break up any time from day number 1. How frequently in the history have such things happened (I mean the marriage between incompatible partners if I could use this term).

Pdp won in Muslim majority areas while bjp won in Hindu majority areas. Bjp is Hindutva party while pdp has no common ground with Hindutva.  Bjp wanted article 370 while pdp opposed.  Encouraging separatist leaders will be an embarrassment for government. And the list just goes on.

Now more than anything else what do we as an Indian want?  I would want Jammu and kashmir to be integral part of India and without any political interference from outsiders.  Pakistan has been interfering in loves of people here by ill guided means for their benefit.  Some of people on the state hurt by unpleasant experiences want freedom and are either marching alone or have been taking the help of Pakistan so as to become independent. Swaraj within indian constitutional framework is the desired outcome politically.  Can more or less of this be achieved and if so how to achieve it?  How do we mend the broken hearts and bring in peace?  If better economic situation is a solution shouldn't we do it with twice the speed? Which political setup is going to bring down the solution in right direction and is the current alliance in that direction?